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How to connect and build relationships with Care Providers.

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Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th February

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Uncover the secrets of breaking into the supporting living industry as a property investor and unlock hands-off revenue while supporting the community.

Immerse yourself in The Supported Living Challenge and navigate straight to the heart of the industry.

With just one click, you're on the path to establishing a network of over 20 top care providers in just three days. Allow industry experts Max and Alex to guide you, and reveal the most effective strategies for connecting, selecting the best providers and unlocking the potential for your business vision to thrive.

Get to grips with the complexities of the care sector, and learn communication tactics that will position you as a preferred partner. Receive exclusive contact scripts, proven to cultivate rewarding partnerships with eminent care providers.

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Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th February

19:30 - 20:00


How to Identify Your Ideal Care Partner

✓ Efficiently Search for the Right Partnership

Direct your efforts effectively by learning where to locate care providers in your specific field, saving you hundreds of hours in research.

✓ Selecting Reputable Care Providers

Understand the criteria for selecting care providers that align with your expertise and offer substantial long-term stability.

✓ Establishing a Network of Providers:

Equip yourself with a tailored list of at least 20+ reputable care providers to commence your journey in supported living.


How to make yourself attractive to a care provider

✓ Strategic Positioning in the Care Sector:

Discover the key to making your proposal to care providers compelling, ensuring they are keen to work with you.

✓ Foundation of Award-Winning Collaborations:

Learn from our experience in nurturing relationships that have led to the creation of exceptional care homes.

✓ Effective Communication Strategies:

Receive the scripts we use to engage with care providers, designed to pique their interest and start the conversation.


Harness £3,000+ Hands-Off Monthly Profits from Care Homes

✓ FRI Leases; The Investors Shield:

Learn about the formidable Full Repairing and Insuring lease—a safeguarding strategy for your investments, known only to the well-advised.

✓ Navigating Social Impact Investment Financing with Ease:

Why raising finance for social impact investments is so much easier than any other property investment strategy.

✓ The Blueprint for 6-Figure Capital Gains

How you can make 6-figure capital profit in every deal that you do.

We Are Committed to Helping Our Members Succeed

And We'll Do It Together

Acquire In-Depth Industry Knowledge:

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey to demystify the supported living sector. Gain a crystal clear understanding of the industry's inner mechanics, its intricate structure, and the pivotal elements that drive success. This is more than just information; it's an insider’s map to the heart of the industry designed to navigate your way through the minefield that is the care.

Harness Practical Tools for Effective Communication:

Arm yourself with the language and tools that will make care providers take notice. We teach you to speak their language, not just literally, but with nuanced communication skills that resonate deeply with their needs and aspirations. This is your toolkit to not only attract care providers but to make them eager to join forces with you. It's about creating rapport-building relationships that are lucrative and long-lasting.

Build Confidence with Expert Mentorship:

Step into this new industry with the assurance only expert mentorship can provide. Max & Alex are not just your guides; they are your allies, empowering you with the confidence to navigate this new venture. Replace your concerns with readiness to take on challenges by ahead and start your journey to that 6 figure income you have always dreamed about.

Meet Max & Alex

Alex Baker

With an engineering background and HNC from the City of Westminster College, Alex understands the importance in analysis and creative problem solving. Alex has successfully formulated and managed the development of care schemes for up to 14 residents.

Keen to help investors further their knowledge and meet new connections, he loves inspiring others to kickstart their own property journey.

Always planning his next adventure, Alex’s biggest passion is travel. His quest to experience new foods, cultures and moments that take his breath away continue to take him to the furthest corners of the globe.

Max Rayner

Max first started in property in 2010 when he became an accidental landlord. After experiencing long term equity growth and the joys of passive income, he decided that this was the professional path for him and gave it his full focus from 2017.

Now he has 10 years industry experience and an Extended Diploma in Construction Management and a Diploma in Professional Property Investing.

Max is recognised within the industry as an expert and continues to mentor and coach other investors on behalf of both Stuart Clinton & Fielding Financial. Did you know Max is also a qualified ski instructor?

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