The SLP Support System

Transform Your Property Journey with Our Comprehensive 12-Month Supported Living Program

The goal of the supported living platform is to give property investors the knowledge, tools and confidence to provide property for Care & Supported Living providers.

Our aim is to empower our members with the knowledge, practical tools, and unwavering confidence to excel in their supported living projects. Whether you're embarking on your first project or seeking to elevate your existing ones, we're here to equip you for success.

So how do we achieve that?

We're here to provide you with a significant advantage. Our journey involved tireless effort and extensive research to accumulate the valuable insights you'll find here. By accessing this information, you're gaining a substantial head start compared to where we began.

So just imagine what you can achieve without having to do all the extra work that we had to do...

In order for you to support others. You need to support yourself. And that's exactly why we are here.

Transform Your Supported Living Journey with Our 12-Month Commitment

In the world of property, you might be aware that it's often considered one of the slowest-moving industries. However, here at the Supported Living Platform, we are dedicated to delivering results. That's why we're offering you 12 months of our commitment, and in return, we ask for your commitment for the same duration.

By diligently following our well-crafted Supported Living process and dedicating yourself to it for a full year, we're confident that you'll achieve the desired results.

Unlike other programmes, we don't just provide you with login information and leave you to navigate on your own. Our comprehensive offering includes 12 video modules, a 90-minute intro and strategy session, quarterly in-person masterminds, fortnightly Q&A sessions, and much more.

The Complete Course Package

Our comprehensive step-by-step video series is designed to accompany you throughout your journey, covering every crucial aspect. Whether you're looking to embark on your first care or supported living project or aiming to enhance your existing one, our series will provide the guidance you need.

Kickstart your journey with a 90-minute introduction and strategy session, ensuring you begin on the right path.

Experience our quarterly in-person mastermind days—an intensive eight-hour coaching session designed to accelerate your business. Bring your challenges to the table, where not only Alex and Max provide support, but you also gain insights from the group and industry experts.

For those quick, pressing issues that demand immediate solutions, we're here for you in our bi-weekly Q&A sessions via Zoom. Get clarity on training topics and address any business or project challenges you're facing.

12 Months Commitment

4x In-Person Masterminds

12x Video Modules

90 Min Strategy Session

Fortnightly Q&A's

Online Community

Specialist SL Deal Analyser

Document Templates

Course Notebook

Supported Living Guidebook

Monthly Industry Update

Bonus Videos

Your Pathway To Success

Accelerate Your Success with Our Mastermind

Limited Spots Available

At the Supported Living Platform, we believe in quality over quantity, which is why our exclusive Support System program is limited to just 20 businesses at a time. This deliberate choice allows us to provide a personalized and high-quality experience for each participant.

Our doors are currently wide open to welcome 7 new businesses eager to accelerate their success in the care and supported living sector.

By joining our Support System, you'll gain access to invaluable insights, expert guidance, and a supportive community, all tailored to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. Don't miss this opportunity to secure your spot among our select group of ambitious individuals.

Join us today and be part of a dynamic journey towards success in the care industry.

We Are Committed to Helping Our Members Succeed

And We'll Do It Together

Acquire In-Depth Industry Knowledge:

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey to demystify the supported living sector. Gain a crystal clear understanding of the industry's inner mechanics, its intricate structure, and the pivotal elements that drive success. This is more than just information; it's an insider’s map to the heart of the industry designed to navigate your way through the minefield that is the care.

Harness Practical Tools for Effective Communication:

Arm yourself with the language and tools that will make care providers take notice. We teach you to speak their language, not just literally, but with nuanced communication skills that resonate deeply with their needs and aspirations. This is your toolkit to not only attract care providers but to make them eager to join forces with you. It's about creating rapport-building relationships that are lucrative and long-lasting.

Build Confidence with Expert Mentorship:

Step into this new industry with the assurance only expert mentorship can provide. Max & Alex are not just your guides; they are your allies, empowering you with the confidence to navigate this new venture. Replace your concerns with readiness to take on challenges by ahead and start your journey to that 6 figure income you have always dreamed about.

Meet Max & Alex

Alex Baker

With an engineering background and HNC from the City of Westminster College, Alex understands the importance in analysis and creative problem solving. Alex has successfully formulated and managed the development of care schemes for up to 14 residents.

Keen to help investors further their knowledge and meet new connections, he loves inspiring others to kickstart their own property journey.

Always planning his next adventure, Alex’s biggest passion is travel. His quest to experience new foods, cultures and moments that take his breath away continue to take him to the furthest corners of the globe.

Max Rayner

Max first started in property in 2010 when he became an accidental landlord. After experiencing long term equity growth and the joys of passive income, he decided that this was the professional path for him and gave it his full focus from 2017.

Now he has 10 years industry experience and an Extended Diploma in Construction Management and a Diploma in Professional Property Investing.

Max is recognised within the industry as an expert and continues to mentor and coach other investors on behalf of both Stuart Clinton & Fielding Financial. Did you know Max is also a qualified ski instructor?

The SLP Support System

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